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Electronic Drums

EXS-5SK artist

EXS-5SK artist delivers the core aDrums playing experience by adding a birch shell 18" kick drum and 13" snare drum to the EXS-5. This professional model is designed to inspire the aspirational player to take their drumming to the next level.  



EXS-5 Artist 2.jpg

EXS-5SK artist

The EXS-5SK artist set configuration features drum and cymbal pads that are similar in size to those of a typical acoustic drum set. The core set - kick drum, snare drum, and cymbals, are all professional aDrums artist pads that offer superb triggering and playability.

Set Includes

Pads & Cymbals

Hardware & Accessories 

Kick Pad 18"

Snare Pad 13"

Tom Pad 10"

xD-P10M x2

Floor Tom Pad 13"

xD-P13M x1

Hi-Hat 14"

Cymbal 14" for Crash

Cymbal 16" for Ride

Sound Module

xD3-SV x1

Rack System


Trigger Cables


Snare Stand


Drum Key


  • Kick pedal, hi-hat stand, and throne are not included.

xD3 Sound Tour

xD3 Sound Tour

xD3 Sound Tour is an interactive player that demonstrates the great-sounding kits found in the xD3 module.


Choose a rhythm, start playback and then switch in real time between different kits, snare drums, and kick drums. 


aDrums Pads

Experience the aDrums feeling. The aD-K18 is an 18" birch shell kick drum that feels like an acoustic drum to play. aDrums help you to anchor the groove.

The multi-sensor aD-S13 snare drum is precise and sensitive and will capture the full dynamic range of your playing. 

EXS artists cymbals FR.jpg

Artist Cymbals

The EXS Series uses ATV's flagship aDrums artist cymbals. These thin-profile cymbals swing naturally and can be choked anywhere on the edge. 

The hi-hat also feels natural to play with the foot and uses an optical sensor to ensure fast and precise open-close triggering.

xD3_SV OB FR.jpg

xD3 Module

The xD3 sound module offers high-definition realistic drum sounds and essential practice tools in a simple package.

On the ATV Sound Store, the EXS Kit Creation Tool can be used to create custom kits from a great instrument selection of classic drums and cymbals. 




xD3 Drums Sound Module

xD3-SV Drum Module
xD3-SV Drum Module

press to zoom
xD3-SV Rear Panel
xD3-SV Rear Panel

press to zoom
xD3-SV Drum Module
xD3-SV Drum Module

press to zoom

xD3 Drums Sound Module

Realistic Sounds | Fast Triggering | Full Dynamic Range

The xD3 sound module enables drummers of all levels to fully express their dynamics and groove.

All performers desire the means to support their freedom of expression when playing an incredible-sounding instrument - so they can fully experience the dynamic range of a kick drum, the subtle timbres of a snare, and the natural colored resonances of each cymbal.

When capturing instrument sounds in the studio, we focused on every detail; mic placement, the position of the drummer's ear, ambient sound that includes room reflections, and imaging - including the positioning of hi-hats on the left and the floor tom on the right of the stereo field; each aspect translates to a sonic detail that combines to support the drummer's realistic sound experience.

EXS Sound Store.png

EXS Kit Creation

The xD3 module is pre-loaded with some great sounding kits.


Register on the ATV Sound Store to download more free kits and access the EXS Kit Creation Tool.

The EXS Kit Creation Tool has 73 high-resolution instruments you can use to create your own custom kit. These sounds sources represent the very best of modern and vintage instruments that ATV records in the best studios using boutique custom equipment.

xD3 Settings FR.jpg

Easy Setup

The xD3 has a simple setup system that enables the player to quickly dial in settings that give a natural response. The xD3 can also store and recall the trigger settings for different players - a great feature for drum teachers!

The sensitivity of each drum and cymbal sensor can be adjusted to give a desired expressive response and comfortable play feel. Cross-talk can be easily eliminated by running the software wizard.

xD3 Metronome FR.jpg

Powerful Practice Tools

The xD3 module has great practice tools, including a visualizer and advanced metronome.

Using the visualizer tool, the performer can monitor the dynamics and timing of their strokes, which is great for improving accuracy and consistency.

The metronome tone, volume, bpm, beat division, plus a crash cymbal cue to start, can all be selected and adjusted.

xD3 Markers FR.jpg

Song Functions

The xD3 supports broader musical development by including song functions that allow you to practice and perform over high-quality backing tracks covering popular genres such as rock, pop, funk, and jazz.


When playing a song you can also use the marker and loop functions to enable you to repeatedly practice any section of the song you set; a great tool when you want to work on weaker parts of your performance.

xD3 Rec FR.jpg

Recording Functions

It is important for any drummer to be able to listen back objectively to their own performance. To support this need, the xD3 includes a recording function that allows you to record your performance over a backing track and the metronome.


Recording can be set up to automatically and simultaneously start with the first stroke of your performance; a useful feature that ensures you can concentrate on performing without having to execute tricky button operations. 

xD3 Specifications


  • 5 Factory Kits; 13 free additional kits available on the ATV Sound Store

  • EXS Kit Creation Tool with 69 instruments.


  • OUTPUT L/R: Mono 1/4” (6.35mm) TS jack x2

  • PHONES: Stereo, 1/4” (6.35mm) TRS jack

  • AUDIO IN: Stereo, 3.5mm TRS jack

  • MULTI TRIGGER INPUT: Dedicated multi-connector; aD5-TC cable 25 PIN D-sub to individual 1/4” TRS jack(s)

  • CRASH 2 INPUT: 1/4” TRS jack

  • USB: : 2.0 Type B, for MIDI in/out via USB

  • MIDI OUT: 5-pin DIN connector

  • SD CARD: SD/SDHC card (Up to 32GB)

  • DC IN: Only for the included AC adapter.

Pad Trigger Inputs

  • KICK: Head

  • SNARE: Head, Rim, Side stick

  • TOM 1: Head

  • TOM 2: Head

  • TOM 3: Head

  • HI-HAT: Bow, Edge, Choke

  • HI-HAT Control

  • CRASH: Bow, Edge, Choke

  • RIDE: (3 zones with two inputs) Bow, Edge, Cup, Choke 

  • CRASH 2: Bow, Edge, Choke.


  • DC 12 V600 mA.