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Electronic Drums

aDrums artist

Electronic drums of the highest quality inspire you to practice, play, and perform every day.

This is aDrums - realistic acoustic drum sounds and natural playing experiences in a package that is beautiful and yet simple to use.


adrums bk view 7.jpeg


ATV strives to reproduce the authentic and realistic sound of acoustic drums and cymbals 

Then there is feeling - the tension of the rebound from the striking surface, the weighty feel of a real birchwood shell, the depth of a lacquer finish - all these elements add to the aDrums experience.



The aDrums artist embodies the same strike sensation and feeling as real acoustic drums, delivering the sense you are in complete control of the full dynamic range.

Achieving a perfect fusion with the aD5 module, these drums allow the player to articulate delicate sounds to epic slams.

adrums adt10 cu.jpeg


An instrument born of beauty, advanced technology, and craftsmanship.

An instrument you deserve.


The aDrums artist returns to the basics of sound and feel, bringing you an instrument of purity and inspiration.

ATV aDrums artist promotional video #2
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aDrums artist

With a simple and balanced structure, the standard set (ADA-STDSET) and basic set (ADA-BSCSET) of aDrums provide the expressive power and looks of an acoustic drum set. They are also an ideal basis for a custom kit that you create by adding more cymbals or floor toms.


Setup size: approximately 150 x 130 cm / 59 x 51 inches.

Set Includes

Drums & Cymbals


Kick Drum 18" x 12"