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Electronic Drums

EXS Series

The EXS Series provides a superior playing experience that's perfect for drummers just starting to learn and more advanced players that need a great-sounding and versatile drum set for practice and recording. 


EXS artists cymbals FR.jpg

Artist Cymbals

The EXS Series uses ATV's flagship aDrums artist cymbals. These thin-profile cymbals swing naturally and can be choked anywhere on the edge. 

The hi-hat also feels natural to play with the foot and uses an optical sensor to ensure fast and precise open-close triggering. 

EXS Pad Feature FR.jpg


EXS series pads capture the full dynamic and expressive range of your performance, from ghost notes to powerful rim shots.


This consistency is possible because the pad's multi-sensor design completely eliminates the problem of hotspots.

xD3_SV OB FR.jpg

xD3 Module

The xD3 sound module offers high-definition realistic drum sounds and essential practice tools in a simple package.

On the ATV Sound Store, the EXS Kit Creation Tool can be used to create custom kits from a great instrument selection of classic drums and cymbals. 

ATV EXS-5SK  feat.彡-晚安(Good Night)
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The EXS-5 set configuration features drum and cymbal pads with playable surfaces that are similar in size to those of a typical acoustic drum set. The combination of two rack toms, one floor tom, plus a crash and ride cymbal, helps to realize a comfortable and natural performance experience.


Setup size: approximately 150 x 90 cm / 59 x 36 inches.

Set Includes

Pads & Cymbals

Hardware & Accessories 

Kick Pad 13"

xD-K13 x1

Snare Pad 13"

Tom Pad 10"

xD-P10M x2

Floor Tom Pad 13"

xD-P13M x1

Hi-Hat 14"

Cymbal 14" for Crash

Cymbal 16" for Ride

Sound Module

xD3-SV x1

Rack System


Trigger Cables


Drum Key


  • Kick pedal, hi-hat stand, and throne are not included.


EXS-3CY FR.jpg


The EXS-3CY features all the essential pads and cymbals that you need to play expressively in any situation. This space-saving set is ideal for those players who need a high-quality second kit at home for practice and recording. With the xD3 sound module included, you'll have access to a great variety of richly detailed, realistic instrument sounds that will bring countless hours of playing pleasure.


Setup size: approximately 150 x 90 cm / 59 x 36 inches.

Set Includes

Pads & Cymbals

Hardware & Accessories 

Kick Pad 10"

xD-K10 x1

Snare Pad 10"

Tom Pad 10"

xD-P10M x2

Floor Tom Pad 10"

xD-P10M x1