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xD3 Firmware Version 1.3

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

[27/04/22] ATV has officially released firmware version 1.3 for the xD3 module. This update applies to all EXS Series models: EXS-5, EXS-3CY, EXS-3, EXS-2 Mk2, and EXS-1Mk2.

The update includes a 'Delete Kit' function to support EXS Kit Creation as well as changes to trigger settings designed to improve module setup.

Users who previously downloaded and installed the v1.30 beta release do not need to update their modules.

Download the firmware:

Download ZIP • 1.95MB

The zip file contains the firmware update file (.BIN), release notes, and instructions on how to update the firmware.

What's in the xD3 firmware update?

How to update the xD3 firmware:

The firmware, release notes, and update procedure guide can also be downloaded from the Downloads page.

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