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The aD5 Reference Guide and Quick Start Guides (9 languages) correspond to firmware v.1.33 


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aD5 Firmware


aD5 Firmware

 Firmware v.1.33

Click the link below to redirect to an external site where the firmware file (.zip) can be downloaded. 


  • To install the firmware, follow the procedure described in the guide below.

aD5 Factory Sound

aD5 Factory Sound Reset

To fully reset the aD5 to its factory settings, first, download the factory sound restoring data from the external site linked below and then follow the procedure in the pdf guide. 

To restore the aD5 to its factory settings, follow the procedure described in the guide below.


aD5 Trigger Setup

 aD5 Pad & Trigger Compatibility List

Check the list in this guide for information on aD5 compatibility (v.1.33) with the pads and triggers of other manufacturers.

Trigger Setup Files [Roland / Yamaha]

The aD5 is compatible with a range of Roland and Yamaha e-drums and their pads. To use these pads with the aD5, download the corresponding Trigger Setup Files (.zip) from the external site link and follow the instructions for installation.



TD-30KV, TD-30K, TD-20KX, TD-20K, TD-12KX, TD-12KV, TD-12K, TD-25KV, TD-25K, TD-15KV, TD-15K, TD-9KX2, TD-9KX, TD-9K2, TD-9K, TD-6KX, TD-6SXT, TD-6KW, TD-6KV, TD-6SW, TD-11KV, TD-11K, TD-4KX2, TD-4KX, TD-4K, TD-4KP, TD-3KW, TD-3KV, TD-3S, TD-3Kit-S, TD-1KV, TD-1K


DTX950K, DTX920K, DTX900K, DTX790K, DTX760K, DTX750K, DTX720K, DTX700K, DTX582K, DTX562K, DTX550K, DTX540K, DTX532K, DTX530K, DTX522K, DTX520K, DTX500K, DTX450K, DTX430K, DTX400K

Download the Trigger Setup Guide:​


aD5 Downloads

Example aD5 Kits (Data + Guide)


Click the link below to download a zip containing 12 example aD5 kit files (.aD5kit). These kits use a combination of factory instruments and free instruments that can be downloaded from the ATV SOUND STORE.   


  • For instructions on installation, refer to the "Drum Kit Import" section of the aD5 Reference Guide.

  • The zip file does not include aD5 instrument sound data. Please download the required instruments from the sound store.