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EXS-5SK artist at Jimmy's House

[Article Source: Craftsman Drums - ATV Official Distributor in Taiwan]

Since becoming an ATV dealer a few years ago, Jimmy's House in Taichung, Taiwan has been actively promoting our electronic drums and creating opportunities to try out the kits.

Recently, Jimmy's House put the EXS-5SK artist on display in its store and produced two in-depth videos reviewing the features and great sounds of the flagship EXS series kit.

The EXS-5SK artist kit is a powerful combination of aDrums with the EXS-5, creating a very playable kit with an acoustic drums feel and sound. To learn more, visit the EXS-5SK artist product page.

The superior quality and sound of the EXS-5SK artist, as well as its great looks, make it the ideal kit for live houses and smaller venues, as shown in this superb song performance video shot at Jimmy's House:

More Information

Jimmy's House in Taichung, Taiwan is a professional musical equipment store with rehearsal room spaces and a P.A. rental service.

For more information on ATV electronic drums sales in Taiwan, contact Craftsman Drums:

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