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ATV Kits Installed at a New Church in Korea

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Article Source: AKS Corporation - ATV Official Distributor in the Republic of Korea.

ATV has always been proud of the fact that our electronic drums are used by many churches and worship communities around the world.

So, we are delighted to report that a newly opened branch of the Yeouido Full Gospel Church in Gangdong Seongjeon has just taken delivery of seven sets of ATV electronic drums!

The following kits were installed in the church's worship spaces on December 2nd, 2022:

  • aDrums artist Expanded x2

  • EXS-5 x1

  • EXS-3CY x4

Here's a video from ATV dealer Drum Garage showing highlights from the installation day at the church:

It is common to sing hymns in Korean churches, and ATV's natural sound complements this music. ATV's electronic drums, which are valued for their high-quality sound and design, are gaining popularity with churches in Korea.

Yeouido Full Gospel Church

413, Misagangbyeonhangang-ro,



Republic of Korea.

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