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xD3 Firmware Version 1.42

[24/07/6] The xD3 module firmware version 1.42 has been released.

This latest update is available for the following EXS models: EXS-5SK artist, EXS-5, EXS-3CY, EXS-3.

With this new version, the xD3 module now supports the use of pads and cymbals for the aDrums artist, providing enhanced performance and an even more realistic drumming experience.

Download the attached zip file below and follow the included instructions to install the firmware. 

Download the firmware:

Download ZIP • 2.71MB

The zip file contains the firmware update file (.BIN), release notes, and instructions on how to update the firmware.

[refarence] What's in the xD3 firmware update?

How to update the xD3 firmware:

The firmware, release notes, and update procedure guide can also be downloaded from the Downloads page.

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