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ATV at NAMM Show 2022

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

This year's NAMM Show was an important event for a music industry still recovering from the impacts of the global pandemic. On May 23rd, ATV announced its booth details and plans to team up with US distributor Edrumcenter.

In the run-up to NAMM Show, ATV also announced the release of a new EXS series model - EXS-5SK artist, and ATV Sound Tour - a sound player application that demonstrates the high-resolution kit sounds used in the EXS series xD3 module.

From the first morning of the show, the ATV booth was busy with visitors keen to try the new EXS-5SK artist kit and the aDrums artist Expanded kit.

EXS-5SK artist

EXS-5SK artist is an aDrums upgrade to the popular EXS-5 model, featuring the birch shell 18" kick drum (aD-K18) and 13" snare drum (aD-S13).

Visitors liked the kit's look, solid construction, and dynamic response when playing grooves. The kit also has a compact footprint and great sound.

Further announcements on sales and availability will be made later this summer.

ATV Sound Tour

On May 23rd, ATV announced the release of ATV Sound Tour, a sound player application that showcases the great drum kits and sounds found in the EXS series xD3 sound module.

Sound Tour offers a fun and interactive experience of the xD3 module's high-resolution drum sound. Press play and switch in real-time between different rhythms, kits, snare drums and kick drums. On aDrums Global, ATV Sound Tour is accessed from the Sound menu.

ATV and Edrumcenter look back on a positive and busy three days at the NAMM Show. It was great for the team to meet and talk with so many drummers. Thank you to everyone who visited the ATV booth. See you next time!

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