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Introducing EXS-5SK artist

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

EXS Series Premium Model

EXS-5SK artist is the premium model in ATV's EXS Series electronic drums lineup. This professional set incorporates the aDrums artist kick and snare drums - cutting-edge instruments that are designed to simulate the real experience of acoustic drums.

Combining incredible stability with an exceptional triggering response, EXS-5SK artist delivers a comfortable and realistic playing experience of acoustic drums.

Select any kit from the xD3 sound module and enjoy playing high-resolution drum sounds with expressive freedom across the full dynamic range. EXS-5SK artist will inspire drummers to reach the next level in their playing.


Unique High-resolution Sound

The EXS series module expresses ATV's high-resolution sound, reproducing the authentic tonal qualities and dynamics of acoustic drums and cymbals.

Additional module functionality supports cross-stick triggering using the aD-S13 side rim.

Acoustic Drums Playability

The 18" kick, 13" snare, 14" hi-hat, and 16" ride cymbal are the same size as acoustic instruments.

When performing, the solid kick drum and stable snare drum on a stand give the drummer a strong feeling of comfort and control.

Birch Wood Heart

With a luxurious black lacquer covering the birch wood shell of the kick and snare, these instruments reflect the supreme quality and beauty of acoustic drums.

The strike feel of wood and the cross-stick sound is perfectly matched to ensure playability.


Play Your Favorite Drum Kit

The ATV Sound Store supports the creativity of drummers by offering free downloads of unique kits.

Experience ATV's renowned high-resolution drum sound that gives drummers the power to articulate full playing control over the dynamic range of bass drums, the delicate tonal variations of snares, and the natural color and decay of cymbals.

ATV Sound Tour

Check out ATV Sound Tour for an interactive experience of EXS series kits. Play different rhythm patterns and change the kit sounds in real time.

Visit the EXS-5SK artist product page for more information.


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