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Logic Pro MIDI Setup

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

If you have seen any of ATV's videos on recording MIDI, then you will know we usually work with Logic Pro as the DAW.

Note: If you want to just skip the article and download our latest Logic Pro Template Project for recording MIDI from your aD5 or xD3 module, click on the link below:

Download ZIP • 201KB

In October 2021, version 10.7 of Logic Pro was released and this introduced a change of interest to anyone using the aD5 and xD3 module's INDIVIDUAL MIDI features.

To recap, when the aD5 or xD3 module's MIDI Channel setting is 'INDIVIDUAL', MIDI data from each instrument pad is transmitted on separate channels:

Instrument Pad

MIDI Channel





Tom 1


Tom 2


Tom 3








Aux 1/Crash 2*


Aux 2**


*Crash 2 refers to the xD3 module's extra input

** Aux 2 is input only available on the aD5 module.

The INDIVIDUAL MIDI feature of the aD5 and xD3 modules is convenient for recording and editing MIDI tracks. In the past, to ensure Logic received the separated MIDI channel data, it was necessary to check the box 'Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording' in the project's MIDI settings tab.

This option is no longer available in version 10.7, but it should not cause any issues if you set up your project to record MIDI data on separate channels from the aD5 or xD3 like this:

Setting up the Logic Project MIDI Environment

When recording MIDI, it is usual to have local control set to 'ON' in the aD5 module. With the xD3 there is no setting to turn local control off. Having local control set to 'ON' is important for e-drums because roundtrip system latency can affect timing. With local control 'ON', the module's audio output is monitored directly through the audio interface, a mixer, or as an audio track in the Logic project.

One issue you can encounter when you arm your module's external instrument MIDI tracks for recording is the audible phasey-sounding effect of MIDI THRU 'loopback'. This occurs because the module's local control setting is on, and MIDI data received by the DAW in the MIDI In port is being sent back to the module via the MIDI Out port on the same channels.

Ideally, the best solution for MIDI recording in Logic has two aspects; When recording, the MIDI input from the module does not loop back through the MIDI out port. Then, when you stop recording and press play, the MIDI track data should trigger the module without any output port settings needing to be changed.

Download ZIP • 201KB

If you download and open our ATV Logic Project then you should be able to start recording. However, if you need to start from scratch or make some particular adjustments for your system, then the sections below cover tips on configuring objects in Logic's MIDI Environment.

MIDI Instrument

If you have used the 'New tracks' function to add external instrument MIDI tracks for your connected module, then a corresponding MIDI Instrument object should already be shown when you open the MIDI Environment window and select the MIDI Instr. layer.

You can also click on the New drop-down menu and select 'Multi-instrument' to add the object.

Selecting the MIDI instrument object, you will see its corresponding settings displayed in the window's left sidebar. Check the following settings are as shown:

MIDI Out Port: OFF

MIDI Channel: ALL.

Fader Object

Click on the 'New' object dropdown menu and select 'Fader' type 'Text'. This adds a new object to the environment. Connect this object to the MIDI Instrument object.

Click on the Fader object and decrease its displayed value to 0.

Check the following settings for the Fader object are as shown:

Style: Numerical

Value as: Number

Filter: Thru

Mapped Instr.

Finally, use the new menu to add a 'Mapped Instrument' object.

Connect the Fader object to the Mapped Instr. object. Then, check the following settings for the Mapped Instr. object:

MIDI Out Port: All

MIDI Out Channel: All

When you have set up the MIDI Environment and have added MIDI tracks for each channel/ aD5/xD3 instrument, it is recommended to save the project and use it as your template for module drum recordings.

DOWNLOAD: Logic Pro Template Project (zip)

Download ZIP • 201KB


Download ZIP • 571KB

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