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ATV News - September 2022

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

It's been a busy summer for ATV following the launch of the new EXS-5SK artist model at the NAMM Show. In this roundup, we'll share the latest ATV news and information from the last few months.

ATV launched the EXS-5SK artist at NAMM Show 2022

ATV Sound Tour Update

Earlier this year, ATV launched 'ATV Sound Tour' - an online interactive drum pattern player that showcases the great-sounding kits available in the EXS series xD3 sound module.

Link to: ATV Sound Tour

ATV sound modules' wide dynamic range enables the player to precisely articulate the intensity of an instrument's sound in response to the power of the strike. No matter the individual playing style, the ATV sound module will always sound dynamically expressive, natural, and never mechanical.

ATV recently updated Sound Tour to streamline the interface design and kit selection process. Of the 18 kits available, the top 5 are factory kits preloaded on the xD3 module. The additional 13 kits can be downloaded from ATV's Sound Store website:

Katsuhiko Endo - ATV Artist

With this release, you can switch seamlessly in real-time between five linked drum patterns performed by ATV artist Katsuhiko Endo.

ATV Sound Tour also features a simple sound visualizer and quick links to information on EXS Series models.

We hope that customers will put on a pair of headphones and try ATV Sound Tour to experience the authentic "ATV sound".

Dealers Page Update

The ATV Dealers page was recently updated to add new dealers in Asia and Europe. ATV now has over 100 dealers in 23 countries.

In the post-pandemic situation, many businesses face significant challenges with global logistics and supply chain management. But at ATV, we continue to work hard on growing our dealer network so that our electronic drums are widely available.

ATV US distributor Edrumcenter teams up with Alexandra Kreeger

Short videos shared on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are becoming increasingly popular with drummers, inspiring a new generation of drummer-content creators like Alexandra Kreeger.

In an interview with Erik Hamm, Alexandra talks about her journey to becoming an influencer with over 950K followers on TikTok and 250K on Instagram!

Alex is now working with ATV's US distributor Edrumcenter to promote ATV electronic drums. To kick off this exciting collaboration, here's a link to a drum cover performance featuring Alex playing the EXS-5SK artist kit!

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