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xD3 Firmware

xD3 Firmware v.1.3

[27.04.22] The xD3 module firmware version1.3 has been released for all EXS models:

EXS-5, EXS-3CY, EXS-3, EXS-2 Mk2, EXS-1 Mk2.


Download the .zip file below and follow the included instructions to install the firmware. 



Check the blog post with links to videos on the firmware contents and installation procedure.


EXS-5 Guides

EXS-3CY Guides


EXS-3 Guides


EXS-1 Mk2 : EXS-2 Mk2

xD3-BK Module
xD3-BK Module

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EXS-1 Mk2
EXS-1 Mk2

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EXS-2 Mk2
EXS-2 Mk2

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Distribution & Sales

The EXS-1 Mk2 and EXS-2 Mk2 models are still available in a few countries. These models have only been distributed in Europe and Asia.

The User's Manuals and Quick Start Guides in several languages can be downloaded in the section below.

More information about the features and specifications of these models can be accessed on our corporate website


Extra Guides

Guides on the assembly of aDrums artist hi-hat clutch (aD-H14; aD-H12), and how to replace a mesh head on an EXS series kick pad (8", 10", 13").

Official EXS Kits - Instruments Table


The xD3 module has 5 factory kits installed. 12 additional kits can be downloaded from the ATV SOUND STORE. This table guide shows the instrument assignments for each kit. All the instruments are available for selection when using the EXS Kit Creation Tool.